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  • Alfa Romeo unveils first SUV

    Nov. 16, 2016—Alfa Romeo has big plans for the U.S. automotive market, and what better way to try to achieve them than through a big vehicle.

  • Expected health-insurance changes unlikely to affect 2017

    Nov. 10, 2016—Change will come to how some consumers buy health insurance—the recent presidential election all but guarantees it—but two experts tell Consumers Digest that any changes likely won’t take effect in 2017. In other words, consumers who are eligible to buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace should act as though nothing has changed.

  • MyPillow to end health-related claims

    Nov. 1, 2016—The makers of MyPillow bedding might be resting a little less easy after reaching a settlement with California over claims that the company violated false-advertising laws.

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