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  • T-Mobile’s new family plan limits data sharing

    July 30, 2014—T-Mobile USA today launched a family plan that the company says provides 10GB of data at a lower monthly price compared with the price of similar plans that the other three major wireless telecommunications companies (or carriers) provide. However, we found that the claim can be misleading.

  • Polaris Slingshot is three-wheel motorcycle for two

    July 29, 2014—The 2015 Slingshot has side-by-side seating in the cockpit that allows for two riders and two wheels in the front. The motorcycle is powered by a 2.4-liter engine that generates 173 hp, and Polaris says the Slingshot will be available in October 2014.

  • Surgeon General urges consumers to avoid tanning beds, booths

    July 29, 2014—The nation’s top public-health official urged consumers to reduce the chance of skin cancer by avoiding the use of indoor tanning beds and tanning booths.

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