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DOE proposes changes to furnace standards

Sept. 6, 2016—Department of Energy (DOE) finally proposed a new minimum-efficiency standard for gas furnaces, its first since 1992, and our prediction about the shape of the standard proved to be on the mark.

Haier buys GE Appliances

Jan. 15, 2016—GE Appliances has been sold again. Chinese company Haier will buy General Electric’s appliances division for $5.4 billion.

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Boiling point

Homeowners who purchase a newer high-efficiency boiler to replace an older boiler undoubtedly reap the benefits immediately via a lower home-heating bill.

More kitchen connections

You can expect your kitchen to become more connected as more manufacturers introduce large kitchen appliances that are priced in the premium range, one experts tells Consumers Digest.

Why room air conditioners that have Wi-Fi?

With GE Appliances’ June 2016 introduction of its two newest models, the implementation of Wi-Fi connectivity by manufacturers of room air conditioners seems nearly complete. What benefits do these models provide, and for whom is the purchase most advantageous?

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Appliances Recalls

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