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Alfa Romeo unveils first SUV

Nov. 16, 2016—Alfa Romeo has big plans for the U.S. automotive market, and what better way to try to achieve them than through a big vehicle.

Volkswagen diesel-emissions-scandal bill to total $14.7 billion

June 28, 2016—We told you that consumers who were affected by Volkswagen’s cheating on emissions tests were expected to receive the choice between selling their vehicle back to Volkswagen or receiving paid-for repairs. That has come to pass, and now we have details.

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Cameras to replace side, rearview mirrors?

Will rearview and side mirrors soon be a reflection of the automotive past? National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that all new automobiles be equipped with rearview cameras by May 2018.

Dim headlights on small SUVs

Despite an influx of new headlight technologies in recent years, most small SUVs do a poor job of illuminating the road ahead, according to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Mitsubishi concept

At press time, Mitsubishi was expected to introduce its GT-PHEV plug-in-hybrid SUV concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show.

MPG ratings you can trust?

In January 2014, we reported that it’s possible that your real-world mileage won’t match what you read on the fuel-economy sticker when you buy your new vehicle.

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Automotive Recalls

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