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Audi trims 716 pounds from Q7 SUV for 2015

Dec. 15, 2014—The latest generation of Audi’s seven-passenger SUV has a curb weight of 4,398 pounds; as such, Audi says the fuel economy in the new Q7 is improved by as much as 28 percent.

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Need a rental car? Try Walgreens

Hertz is in talks with Walgreen to launch a car-rental service at Walgreens retail stores, according to a report in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Flexibility reigns in Toyota’s U2 concept

Toyota Motor unveiled the Urban Utility concept vehicle, or the U2, which the automaker says is designed to supply the greater utility and the smaller vehicle footprint that many SUV buyers say they want.

Renault swings out with ultralight hybrid

Should French automaker Renault go to production with its ultralight EOLAB five-passenger hybrid concept car, the vehicle would come in some 400 pounds less than the diminutive Smart fortwo does, despite the former being some 50 inches longer than the latter.

Look for ‘glaring’ improvement at Ford

When the redesigned Ford F-150 reaches dealerships—the automaker hasn’t announced when that would be—the pickup will include technology that will reduce the potential of glare from the vehicle’s instrument panel and smart-entertainment screen, Ford Motor says.

‘Connected car’ on store shelves now

Every year, Specialty Equipment Market Association puts on its SEMA Show, where the latest in automotive specialty products are put on display. Chris Duke, who is the creator and host of the automotive program Motorz TV, attended the event 14 years in a row. When the show convenes again in November 2014, Duke won’t be the least bit surprised to see a plethora of new automotive aftermarket products that include connectivity.

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