Automotive News

Infiniti debuts first compact

Sept. 15, 2015—Toyota Motor luxury brand Infiniti finally unveiled the Q30—its first compact—at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, and the car certainly looks familiar to us.

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Related Department Briefs

Peugeot’s sound decision

Even though Peugeot won’t come to the United States anytime soon, the French automaker’s new concept car should perk up ears around the industry for its “unprecedented attention to acoustics” to enhance the driving experience.

Road not taken: Military Humvees for sale

As the U.S. Army continues to shrink to pre-World War II levels because of budget cuts, it’s no surprise that used HMMWVs—Humvees—are being sold to civilians.

Fans buzzing about Jeep pickup

The ranks of small-to-midsize pickups could expand again: According to published reports, FCA U.S. is considering a Jeep Wrangler pickup—a model that has been teased for a decade.

Jaguar finally enters SUV market

If you’ve waited for a Jaguar SUV, then you’ll have to wait just a little longer: The 2017 F-Pace goes on sale in spring 2016.

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Automotive Recalls

Brake issue prompts Altima, Maxima recall

Nov. 23, 2015—Nissan North American recalled 2015 Altima and 2016 Maxima vehicles that were manufactured from Oct. 6, 2015, through Oct. 7, 2015, because the mounting bolts on the front brake calipers might be tightened improperly.

Brake issue in Toyota, Lexus prompts recall

Nov. 20, 2015—Toyota Motor recalled 2013-2015 Avalon and Avalon Hybrid vehicles that were manufactured from Oct. 19, 2012, through Oct. 27, 2015; and 2013-2015 Lexus ES350 and ES300h vehicles that were manufactured from June 18, 2012, through July 6, 2015.

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