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2017 Automotive Best Buys

Looking for the inside track to a smart automobile purchase? Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Sixteen pages of reviews, 44 Best Buy recommendations—one heck of a lot of information.

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When you invest tens of thousands of dollars to buy a new vehicle, you sleep better at night knowing that you purchased a dependable, well-constructed model that truly fits your needs and preferences. So consider what follows as a tool for producing the peace of mind that will prevent you from tossing and turning over your four-wheeled decision: recommendations that span six car categories, five SUV categories, and pickups and minivans. Our Best Buy recommendations result from behind-the-wheel scrutiny of more than 200 vehicles by four longtime automotive experts/writers who operate under our strict guidelines. The handling of our selections? Responsive, as in gearing our picks to suit various needs, passions and budgets, to the tune of three picks each for Subcompacts and Compacts; six Best Buys among Family Cars; four recommendations each for Luxury Cars and Sporty Cars; two Best Buys among Hybrid Passenger Cars; three picks each for Subcompact SUVs, Compact SUVs, Midsize SUVs, Full-Size SUVs and Luxury SUVs; two choices for Pickups; and two top Minivan values.

Among the 44 vehicles that we deem the exceptional values of the 2017 model year, you’ll find models from 17 brands. These include 23 automobiles from U.S. brands, 19 vehicles from Asian brands and two automobiles from European brands. Leading the way: seven Chevrolets, six Fords and six Mazdas.

Obviously, the constraints of the size of this magazine don’t allow us to provide details on our Best Buys in regard to the standard equipment, features and specifications that are included on each trim level of a vehicle, the options that are available and the pricing of those options, and any special taxes that come into play. No worries. At ConsumersDigest.com, our Ultimate Auto Showroom delivers on that in spades.

ConsumersDigest.com is also home to our Auto Archive. In there, you will be able to see previous Consumers Digest automotive Best Buys. Simply stated, we believe exceptional new automobiles make better used vehicles, so, if the timing isn’t right for the purchase of a new vehicle and a used vehicle is the way to go for you, head to the Auto Archive. You can find and compare expert reviews, standard equipment, specifications, features, options and historical pricing information on thousands of late-model vehicles. Our format also allows you to thoroughly compare up to three vehicles side-by-side. Another valuable option highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle that you select, which makes it easier to identify your purchase priorities. As well, you can search by make or vehicle segment.

Always keep in mind that most models come in a variety of trim levels. It’s important to make sure that the trim levels that you research match those that you’re considering. Once you decide on the exact year, make, model and trim level, shop around and negotiate the best price from a position of strength.

So, we’re confident that between our Best Buy recommendations of 2017 automobiles, our Ultimate Auto Showroom, and all of the information and data that you’ll find on late-model vehicles, you’ll find Consumers Digest and ConsumersDigest.com to be the one-stop shop that puts you in the best position possible to come to an automobile purchase decision. Rest easy, and sleep well.

—R. Dzierwa

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