• FTC: Caffeine-infused undergarments are a bogus concoction

    Sept. 30, 2014—Two companies that marketed caffeine-infused undergarments agreed to settle charges by Federal Trade Commission that they made false claims about the slimming capabilities of their products.

  • CPSC sets new safety guidelines for magnet sets

    Sept. 29, 2014—Two years after hundreds of emergency-room visits attracted Consumer Product Safety Commission to the cause, the agency approved a new federal safety standard for high-powered-magnet sets.

  • Lotus says Evora will return to U.S. in 2016

    Sept. 26, 2014—The rumors that British automaker Lotus decided to leave the U.S. market because the only vehicle that it sells here didn’t comply with federal standards for air bags turned out to be hot air.

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