Car Smart

  • Manuals stuck in neutral

    Just because Ferrari is abandoning manual transmissions, that doesn't mean that U.S. sporty cars will follow. However, don't expect more manuals, either.

  • Hey, salesman: Don’t “baby” me!

    As the CEO of a company that champions the equitable treatment of women in the automobile-shopping realm, Jody DeVere’s work includes training automobile salespeople in regard to what’s inappropriate when a woman shops for a vehicle—new or used—at their dealership.

  • Shining a little light on pickups

    According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), pickups are leaving drivers’ vision obscured when it comes to the vehicles’ headlights.

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Consumer Alert

Healthy Living

  • New scoliosis treatment now available

    Patients who have scoliosis, which is a sideways curvature of the spine, have a new remedy on the market to consider.

  • Acetaminophen and kids’ asthma: New findings

    Although previous reports suggested that acetaminophen can exacerbate asthma symptoms in young children who have the condition, a new study suggests otherwise.

  • Daylight the cure for the blues?

    Although several studies in recent years reported the negative effect that blue light that’s emitted from handheld devices can have on sleeping
    patterns—particularly when you use a device in bed before you go to sleep—Swedish researchers say a remedy might exist.

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  • Golf’s better value

    Dwindling interest in golf is forcing golf-course operators to seek new ways to entice players, and not just by decreasing prices or offering deals.

  • Shipping-cost hikes

    In September 2016, UPS announced a general rate increase of 4.9 percent for its rates on ground, air, freight and international services.

  • After-school STEM programs: Beyond the books

    Do you want to encourage your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) through a local after-school program?

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What's New

  • More kitchen connections

    You can expect your kitchen to become more connected as more manufacturers introduce large kitchen appliances that are priced in the premium range, one experts tells Consumers Digest.

  • It’s Alfie, not Siri

    Consumers who want help in store aisles might be interested in Alfie, which is Kenmore’s so-called intelligent shopper.

  • Is AirGig a lot of hot air?

    Rural areas across the United States soon might receive stronger and faster wireless service from AT&T, but details are scant on how exactly that would transpire.

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Your Money

  • Protections coming for homeowners

    New rules that cover mortgage servicing aren’t dramatic, but they should help certain consumers, experts say.

  • State-operated retirement plans

    Department of Labor (DOL) finalized rules that make it easier for more consumers to save for retirement through state-operated retirement-savings programs.

  • Cybersecurity questions for advisers

    In addition to asking questions about fiduciary duty and fees, it appears that a security review is integral to vetting a financial adviser.

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