Breast-cancer risk increases with alcohol intake

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A review of research on the effects of diet, nutrition and physical activity on breast cancer that was conducted by American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in May 2017 found that women who drink alcohol regularly should cut back. 

The review indicates that drinking the equivalent of one small glass of wine, beer or other type of alcohol per day is linked to an increased cancer risk of 5 percent for premenopausal women and 9 percent for postmenopausal women.

Alice Bender, who is the associate director of nutrition programs at AICR, says no evidence exists that beer is better or worse for you than liquor is, and the study instead examined the amounts of alcohol that were consumed over time. If someone likes to have a bigger drink, they can do so more healthfully if they drink something that doesn’t have much alcohol content, such as a wine spritzer. Another option: Don’t drink an alcoholic beverage for 2 or 3 days during the course of a week, then have a full glass of it on the other days.