Self-driving motorcycles?

Motorcycle manufacturers are exploring ways to employ technology that smacks of that which automakers use to develop automated safety systems.

Automobile damage estimator

Liberty Mutual Insurance developed a mobile app that uses machine-vision technology to recognize pixels of an image to compare the image of damage to a vehicle that you take with a smartphone with a database of thousands of crash images.

Three plus three

The three-passenger (one adult, two children) i-Tril concept car from Toyota is built upon a structure that has the vehicle’s rear axle connected to the cabin by a hinge.

High-tech safety, low-speed discounts

Consumers are told that safer driving links to lower insurance rates. Hence, vehicles that reduce the number of crashes should lead to lower rates.

Volvo concierge service

In December 2016, Volvo launched a pilot program in San Francisco that gives 300 owners of S90 luxury cars or XC90 luxury SUVs the opportunity to use a mobile app to order services, such as a fill-up, maintenance work or a car wash from third-party companies.

Is your vehicle cybersafe?

In February 2015, several experts told Consumers Digest that they weren’t thrilled with automakers’ level of dedication to secure the wireless technology that's in vehicles.

Shining a little light on pickups

According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), pickups are leaving drivers’ vision obscured when it comes to the vehicles’ headlights.

Hey, salesman: Don’t “baby” me!

As the CEO of a company that champions the equitable treatment of women in the automobile-shopping realm, Jody DeVere’s work includes training automobile salespeople in regard to what’s inappropriate when a woman shops for a vehicle—new or used—at their dealership.

Manuals stuck in neutral

Just because Ferrari is abandoning manual transmissions, that doesn't mean that U.S. sporty cars will follow. However, don't expect more manuals, either.

Expert: Tesla’s charges for full power a one-off

An automobile analyst tells Consumers Digest that you shouldn’t worry that automakers will make you pay extra to get full mileage performance out of their electric vehicles (EV)—even though one automaker already does.

Ford takes the wheel

Ford claims that its new adaptive-steering technology alleviates driver fatigue, which occurs during long hauls and daily driving, by providing easier steering at all speeds.

Cameras to replace side, rearview mirrors?

Will rearview and side mirrors soon be a reflection of the automotive past? National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that all new automobiles be equipped with rearview cameras by May 2018.

Dim headlights on small SUVs

Despite an influx of new headlight technologies in recent years, most small SUVs do a poor job of illuminating the road ahead, according to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).