Scammers target veterans

The Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 was enacted as part of the way that Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) could rectify its reprehensible record of delaying medical treatment for veterans across the United States.

‘Blue Horseshoe’ loves binary options

Fans of the 1987 movie “Wall Street” will remember that junior stockbroker Bud Fox was told by corporate raider/scammer Gordon Gekko that he should use the identifier “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel” when he called the fictional Wall Street Chronicle to manipulate reporters on Gekko’s behalf.

Pregnancy & privacy

Social media are common places where expectant parents post digital timelines of their pregnancy.

Antibiotic resistance found in gonorrhea

The combination of the increasing resistance to a key antibiotic and a possible widespread increase in the number of cases of gonorrhea among African-Americans and men who have sex with other men makes it vital that people who have the highest risk to get the disease know how often that they should be screened.

Boiling point

Homeowners who purchase a newer high-efficiency boiler to replace an older boiler undoubtedly reap the benefits immediately via a lower home-heating bill.

Proof your job could kill you

Canadian researchers conducted the first long-term study over the entire careers of 3,103 men and found that perceived or real stress over at least 15 years
increased chances of cancer in five sites: bladder, colon, lung, rectum and stomach.

Hey, FTC: Don’t forget about privacy

In February 2017, five of the nation’s leading consumer-advocacy groups sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen and FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny to outline what the groups say are 10 steps that FTC should take to protect consumer privacy and promote innovation and competition.

“Toddler milk” needs more regulation

An open letter that was published November 2016 in Healthcare urges government regulators to step up efforts against companies that produce liquid nutritional supplements that are commonly referred to as “toddler milks” because of what the authors say is companies’ misleading and potentially harmful marketing to the parents of children who are ages 6 months and older.

Tech upgrades make us careless

A recent report by researchers at Columbia Business School shows that consumers are more likely to be careless subconsciously with their electronic devices when an upgraded
version of the device comes to the market.

Energy-service companies bait and switch

Many consumers have options to choose their energy provider. However, some providers offer lower rates as a tease, then shock you later when they increase your monthly bill.

Beware of IPO frauds

In November 2016, Securities and Exchange Commission alerted investors to a new scam about initial public offerings (IPOs).

Premium gasoline empty on promise

Americans are throwing away an estimated $2.1 billion per year by filling their vehicles unnecessarily with premium gasoline, according to a new report by AAA.

Office Depot suspends computer-repair program

It isn't surprising to us that major retailers remain untrustworthy when it comes to computer repair, because we first reported at length on these practices nearly a decade ago.

Celebrity social-media endorsements

Although celebrities are paid big bucks to promote products through social-media channels, you rarely see the celebrities’ posts tagged with #ad.