Mowing your lawn with ease

Some consumers prefer to not have to disengage and re-engage the transmission on an all-wheel-drive walk-behind lawnmower when they make a turn at the end of a cutting path, so they might be satisfied with the new Troy-Bilt 4x4 XP Series ($340). 

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Three experts whom we interviewed believe that a downsizing might be underway in the marketplace for water features for the home.

Power-equipment availability at risk

California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) draft amendments for 2018 to current regulations for evaporative and exhaust emissions of gasoline-powered outdoor power equipment, such as chain saws and lawnmowers, would lower current emission restrictions.

Riding-lawnmower innovation

On some riding lawnmowers, when you forget to set the parking brake or turn off the blades before you climb off, the engine shuts down. You must restart the mower when you climb back on.

All-in-one yard-care system

Starting in March 2015, Lowe’s stores will sell a gasoline-powered yard-care system that includes a lawnmower, leafblower, snowthrower and pressure washer—all in one.

Wireless help for your plants

Parrot’s new Flower Power is a 4-inch Y-shape wireless monitor that you stick in your soil, where it reportedly measures the fertilizer level, moisture, temperature and sunlight.

QR codes for packaging

Consumers who want to buy a trampoline or a swingset now can see more of the item on the packaging.

New TVs weather the storm

Choosing between staying inside to watch the game or swimming in the pool might be easier, because a new line of weatherproof, flat-panel LCD TVs expands the options for bringing the entire party outside.