Experts: More airlines eye use of biometrics

JetBlue’s test of facial recognition on passengers who board one of its international flights might represent the launch of the airline industry’s adoption of the technology. 

The airline loyalty program for pets

Korean Air’s Skypets loyalty program for pet passengers has made some aviation experts wonder whether U.S. airlines will provide such a program of their own.

Tepid sea of progress

Toyota’s pseudo-concep-tual Ponam-28V cruiser boat’s hybrid propulsion system combines a 256-hp engine with a 36-kilowatt (kW) electric motor and an 11-kW lithium-ion battery pack, reports say.

For the Jacques Cousteau in all of us

In our March/April 2016 report, “Recreational Drones: Out of Control,” we told you that 1.6 million of the remote-controlled flying machines were sold in the United States in 2015.

Rediscovering travel agents

In June 2016, American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) reported that 22 percent of consumers booked a trip through a travel agent between May 2015 and April 2016—the highest level in 3 years.

Batten down the hatches

From rides to bicycles to homes, the sharing economy has burst onto the scene as a way for people to make money via the so-called side hustle.

On track: Surviving ovarian cancer

In 2007, NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. and his girlfriend, Sherry Pollex, started the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation to support childhood-cancers initiatives.

Self-driving motorcycles?

Motorcycle manufacturers are exploring ways to employ technology that smacks of that which automakers use to develop automated safety systems.

Norwegian Air pricing’s effect on airline industry

A new player in transatlantic flights has the potential to affect other carriers’ prices. However, the scope of that effect likely will be felt more by midtier carriers than by major ones, and it might not last for long based on the rates that Norwegian Air Shuttle plans to offer, three sources say.

The buzz on cannabis tourism

An increasingly large number of entrepreneurs in Colorado and Washington offer vacation packages that include tours that are related to those states’ legalization of recreational marijuana use.

Airbnb unwanted in the suburbs

Two national homeowners associations want to keep home-sharing company Airbnb out of suburban neighborhoods. If they succeed in that effort, you might see fewer Airbnb home-rental listings.

After you have ‘just one more’

Many Americans wake up a little green around the gills after a night of drinking and reach for the latest bottle of pills that are marketed to consumers to cure post-indulgence misery.