Cody Willard: Grassroots investing

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Fox Business Network

Every weekday at 5 p.m. Cody Willard bellies up to the bar at the Bull and Bear pub in New York’s glitzy Waldorf Astoria where he co-hosts Fox Business Network’s Wall Street-oriented “Happy Hour.” Because of his access to the insights of members of Congress and corporate executives, we wondered about the key points of Willard’s investing philosophy. At the core, he doesn’t buy into investing extremes: the concepts of buy and hold forever, of selling off a main chunk of your stocks for profits when you believe that the market is at its peak, of putting all of your cash in stocks when the market is down. Instead of these being good strategies to come out ahead, he believes that these strategies are a good way to lose your shirt. He also is leery about investing too much in the global market.

Willard likes diversifying on a grassroots level by buying into local businesses to avoid competing against top-tier traders who have instant access to tremendous amounts of information. He believes that investing locally is best done if you know the business owner, understand the business plan and know the market.

S. Berg