Crocs get caught in the act

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Crocs might pose a safety hazard for kids riding escalators. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which serves the D.C. area, found last summer that children were getting their Crocs or Crocs-like clogs caught in escalators, causing foot injuries, reports The Washington Post.

Japanese children also have been injured, prompting the country’s trade ministry to ask Crocs to redesign its clog, The Denver Post reports.

The Post further reports that in 2006 a Singapore escalator ripped off a 2-year-old girl’s big toe after her clog was caught. In 2007 in Atlanta, a 3-year-old boy suffered a deep gash across his toes.

Reuters reports that Unilift Components, which supplies safety equipment for escalators, found that the clog material is more likely to be caught in escalators than other shoes.

In a prepared statement sent to Consumers Digest, Crocs indicated that it wouldn’t redesign the clogs and contends that riding behavior, and escalator design and maintenance caused the accidents.

T. Clifton