Effect of Dad’s Vitamin D

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Low vitamin D levels in would-be fathers can affect the genetic material that they pass along to their children, according to preliminary research that was described in a Time.com article.

The report said the investigation by University College Dublin researchers revealed that low levels of vitamin D in soon-to-be fathers was associated with low height and weight in their children at age 5.

The Time.com article sprang from the researchers’ presentation at the May 2017 European Congress on Obesity. “Father’s nutrition status may somehow influence the health, quality and function of germ cells, which are involved in reproduction,” the researchers were quoted as saying at the conference.

The article pointed out that the researchers didn’t find a similar association between a mother’s vitamin D levels during her pregnancy and the height and weight of her offspring.

The researchers conceded that the effect of low vitamin D levels in fathers on their children might be temporary. The association wasn’t significant when children were checked again at age 9, the researchers said.