Fixing credit-report errors still a problem

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A study by Federal Trade Commission that was published in January 2015 found that 69 percent of consumers who contested an error on their credit report 3 years ago still haven’t had the error fixed. Help might be on its way.

A settlement in March 2015 between the New York Attorney General and credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion should benefit consumers, says Ed Mierzwinski, who is the consumer program director of advocacy group U.S. Public Interest Research Group. Among other changes, all of which will apply nationwide, the credit bureaus would assign trained employees to handle credit-report disputes—a process that’s automated now.

“We intend to push the credit bureaus to make these changes more quickly than the several-year period described in the settlement,” Mierzwinski says.

Consumers whose dispute with a credit-reporting agency hasn’t led to results can file their credit-error complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at