FTC warns Latino community about employment scam

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Federal Trade Commission warned consumers not to be duped by an employment scam that targets Latino organizations, including churches.

The scammer calls individuals and claims that he/she represents an airline that wants to hire people who speak Spanish. The caller claims that the job pays $18 per hour. Also, for every person whom the individual refers, the scammer will pay $150 to the individual. After you agree to either arrangement, you’re told to pay $300 by wire transfer for a background check or a uniform.

Daniel Draz, who is the principal at Fraud Solutions, which is a fraud-risk-management consulting company, says “people are preying on groups that need to go back to work.” Draz advises to never give out your credit-card information, date of birth or Social Security number.

To learn more about spotting an employment scam, go to ftc.gov/jobscams. You may file a report at FTC’s website, ftccomplaintassistant.gov.