Leeza Gibbons: Building a nonprofit

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Leeza Gibbons

If you ever have thought about organizing a grassroots nonprofit group to support a cause about which you’re passionate, the strategy of Leeza Gibbons, who is the former co-host of Entertainment Tonight, might help you to keep expenses down and bring more exposure to your cause.

Gibbons, who formed Leeza’s Place to benefit caregivers of loved ones who had Alzheimer’s disease, says she accomplished her goals by not relying on individuals’ cash donations, which fluctuate, but by finding companies that had similar goals and working with them. For example, because Leeza’s Place is involved with health issues, Gibbons developed partnerships with nonprofit hospitals and large health-care providers.

Gibbons also recommends networking with other similar nonprofit groups. For example, she found that such partnerships led to public-speaking engagements, which she used to also promote her own mission.

S. Berg