Mowing your lawn with ease

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Some consumers prefer to not have to disengage and re-engage the transmission on an all-wheel-drive walk-behind lawnmower when they make a turn at the end of a cutting path, so they might be satisfied with the new Troy-Bilt 4x4 XP Series ($340). A spokesperson for Lowe’s confirms the benefit that the new lawnmower provides.

Troy-Bilt looked to distinguish the 4x4 XP Series through its inclusion of front-, rear- and all-wheel drive, compared with a model that has all-wheel drive or no powered drive. Front-wheel drive can stay engaged when you press down on the handle to lift the front wheels off the ground and turn the lawnmower around for your next mowing pass, so it won’t drag you along when you make the turn.

Matthew Michaels of Lowe’s tells Consumers Digest that the user exerts less effort as a result. Michaels also praises the 4x4 XP Series’ two-belt drivetrain. “When all-wheel drive is not needed, [the two-belt system] allows the unit to cut with [the] most power available.” He adds, “Also, in the event of a drive-belt breakage, the Troy-Bilt unit still has capability to have rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.” Other four-wheel-drive models would be relegated to push-mower status until their drive belt were repaired.

—J. Schlabach