Parking locator to make debut in vehicles

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Parking-spot locators will be integrated into vehicles as automakers continue to explore ways that they can minimize smartphone-use distraction by drivers, according to transportation-system analyst Adela Spulber. Her prediction comes on the heels of BMW’s May 2017 announcement that it will provide its in-vehicle Parkmobile parking-reservation system as standard equipment in all 2018 BMW models.

Pointing to Ford’s and General Motors’ mobile-app-based systems that help drivers to find parking spots, Spulber says automakers are exploring the means by which they can implement an in-vehicle service. Because of the comfort that people have with mobile apps, Spulber believes that automakers’ built-in parking-spot locators will succeed only if they meet or exceed the experience that apps already deliver.

Automotive expert Lauren Fix says “the future for in-car technology is to create a seamless transition from using your phone to having it as part of your interface with the car. The goal is to keep the phone out of your hand and let the vehicle speak to you.”