Power-equipment availability at risk

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California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) draft amendments for 2018 to current regulations for evaporative and exhaust emissions of gasoline-powered outdoor power equipment, such as chain saws and lawnmowers, would lower current emission restrictions.

According to Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), which is a trade association, a revision of the regulations might affect product offerings of outdoor power equipment.

ARB found that sample equipment-failure emissions tests were at a higher rate than what manufacturers reported.

Kris Kiser, who is the president of OPEI, believes that the proposed regulation modifications will be challenging to meet, including from a cost perspective.

Angus MacPherson, who is ARB’s manager of testing and certification, tells Consumers Digest that ARB takes economic feasibility into account when it develops amendments.

MacPherson also says it’s too early to say whether other states would follow California’s lead on the matter. However, “In the past, many states and EPA have adopted ARB regulations and performance standards.”

Kiser says that if the number of models that are made decreases as a result of revised California regulations, the chance that other states or the federal government will revise their regulations is small.