Save money by purchasing with cash

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Some credit cards might give a 1 percent cash kickback to cardholders for purchases, but that’s chump change compared with what some consumers save by dangling greenbacks in front of near-desperate salespeople.

Danny Kofke, a special-education teacher and author of “How to Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary,” says “cash is king these days.” He recently advised a friend in the market for a TV that was priced at $1,000 to walk into the store with $700 in cash and say she wanted the television but could spend only the money that she had. The retailer ultimately obliged. Others report to CD that they’ve negotiated big bucks off of purchases by flashing cash—from 5 percent off of a $2,000 bookcase that was purchased at a furniture store to 50 percent off of a $1,000 piece of audio equipment that was purchased online.