Selling your home through social media

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According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), 51 percent of recent homebuyers found their home through the internet in 2016, which is up from 44 percent in 2015. Web appeal is the new curb appeal, says William Brown, who is the president of NAR, and a clear, smart strategy is essential these days if you want to advertise your home for sale on social media.

Brown tells Consumers Digest that with such a strategy, “the odds of a sale, and a fast sale, likely increase.” However, no data exist that measure how much faster that a home might sell because of its appearance on social media.

Although the use of social media to advertise a home for sale provides exposure to a larger pool of buyers, the type of social media that you use will attract buyers from different demographic groups, says Cara Ameer of Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty. For example, Snapchat is best if you want to reach millennial homebuyers, and Facebook works better to target baby boomers and Generations X and Y, she adds.

Two experts say you shouldn’t use the same presentation across the board. For example, Instagram is visual, so you have to be quick and sharp with your message, says Sintia Petrosian of The Fleisher Group With TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. She suggests that you include no more than a sentence with a “quality image” to help a potential buyer to understand your property’s value.

Ameer suggests that you change the photos, layout and headlines once or twice per month, so you keep the information fresh. You also should keep any videos that you use short and talk about why your property is special, regardless of the social-media platform that you use.