Stock info goes to social media

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Thanks to a Securities and Exchange Commission change in April 2013, publicly held companies now are permitted to disclose possible stock-price-moving information on social media. This means that if you seek up-to-the-minute information, say, to make a change in your investment holdings, you probably will want to have a Facebook and a Twitter account.

That includes information, such as the number of customers that they have, earnings, and new research and development activities. Consequently, if you don’t “friend” and “follow” your favorite companies, you might be the last to hear announcements that might move a stock’s price.

If you haven’t embraced social media, you still can get a company’s latest developments on the investor-relations portion of its website, or you can sign up to get company news releases via e-mail.

Although only 28 percent of publicly held companies use social media, according to a June 2013 survey by National Investor Relations Institute, 49 percent of nonusers plan to re-evaluate that decision within the next year.