Take, don’t make, 3-D photos

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Matter and Form

A new device is said to be the first that attaches to a smartphone so you can snap 3-D images. We experienced some hiccups when we used it.

Matter and Form’s Bevel and its associated mobile app ($89) do away with having to take numerous shots to build a 3-D image, which is required by numerous apps that are available. The company tells Consumers Digest that the device’s inclusion of a fixed light source lets you take 3-D images in a way that a smartphone’s flash doesn’t allow.

Although we found that it was simple to attach the device to a smartphone, the product’s package didn’t include directions on how to use the device, and the tutorial on the company’s website doesn’t provide clarification. Through trial and error, we eventually were able to snap images.

The company tells us that direct sunlight hinders your ability to take a quality photo and that you must be motionless for a couple of seconds to capture an image. We found that these factors indeed posed difficulties. The images that we captured tend to be blurry or broken up. The company says it continues to work to improve user experience and results.