Urgent call for quality

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A visit to an urgent-care center sometimes might be quicker and easier than if you make an appointment with your doctor. Alan Ayers, who is a former board director for Urgent Care Association of America (UCAA), says so many urgent-care centers have opened in suburban areas that the industry wants to establish centers in urban and rural areas. You should apply scrutiny when you contemplate whether to use one of these new providers.

UCAA member Thomas Charland says you will have a better experience at an urgent-care facility that allows you to “get in line” and track wait times on the facility’s website. Better facilities’ mobile app allows you to do this via your smartphone or tablet computer.

Many urgent-care centers lack on-premises parking, so you have to park somewhere other than adjacent to their entrance, such as in the parking lot of a medical office building. Better urgent-care-center locations are near to pharmacies.