Your vehicle can be your credit card

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Honda Motor announced in January 2017 its new in-vehicle payment service for fuel and parking, in partnership with Visa Checkout. The automaker didn’t specify when it would roll out the new technology, or which models would include it, but the move might indicate a trend among automakers to include in-vehicle payment systems in their automobiles.

General Motors announced in October 2016 that it worked with IBM to bring similar services to OnStar-enabled vehicles sometime in 2017. The GM-IBM partnership has five vendors—ExxonMobile, Glympse, iHeartRadio, Mastercard and Parkopedia—and talks are underway with at least an additional 20, according to Donna Satterfield, who is a vice president at IBM Automotive.

Although IBM’s system could be used in other automakers’ vehicles that lack OnStar, the user experience would be different according to each automaker’s concept for an in-vehicle payment system, Satterfield tells Consumers Digest.