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Nintendo ready to flip the Switch

Jan. 13, 2017—In October 2016, Nintendo announced that its long-anticipated new game system would be called the Nintendo Switch but said little else. Now, we know the rest of the story.

New MacBook Pro has touch technology

Oct. 28, 2016—A touch screen finally came to Apple’s computing line, but it wasn’t in a way that consumers would expect. Apple announced the first updates to its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers in at least 2 years, and the biggest development was the addition of a touch screen … on the keyboard.

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Related Department Briefs

Fitness trackers: Working out the confusion

For many, the start of a new year marks the start of a diet and exercise routine. Among the supplements, workout gear and gym memberships, one might turn to fitness trackers to help to lose weight.

Office Depot suspends computer-repair program

It isn't surprising to us that major retailers remain untrustworthy when it comes to computer repair, because we first reported at length on these practices nearly a decade ago.

Is AirGig a lot of hot air?

Rural areas across the United States soon might receive stronger and faster wireless service from AT&T, but details are scant on how exactly that would transpire.

It’s Alfie, not Siri

Consumers who want help in store aisles might be interested in Alfie, which is Kenmore’s so-called intelligent shopper.

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Electronics Recalls

Nook Tablet 7” power adapter poses shock hazard

Feb. 2, 2017—Barnes & Noble recalled power adapters that were sold with the Nook tablet 7”, because the power-adapter casing might break when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet and expose its metal prongs, which poses a shock hazard.

Toshiba expands recall of certain notebook computer battery packs that pose burn and fire hazards

Jan. 5, 2017—Toshiba expanded its previous recall of Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs in March 30, 2016, to include battery packs that were sold from June 2011 through November 2016. The battery packs were installed in 41 models of Toshiba Satellite notebooks that include the 39 models of Portege, Satellite and Tecra models that were involved in the March 2016 recall. The affected battery packs can overheat, which poses burn and fire hazards.

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