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Nintendo announces retro console sequel

June 27, 2017—Buoyed by the success of the NES Classic Edition in 2016, Nintendo will do it again in 2017—this time using its Super NES video-game console.

Virgin Mobile goes iPhone exclusive

June 21, 2017—If you’re interested in an Apple smartphone, then Virgin Mobile USA has a deal for you. Google Android users need not apply.

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Aftermarket rearview cameras

For those who drive an older automobile, equipping it with an aftermarket rearview camera might not provide the same quality or performance that a factory-installed version provides.

From fitbit to sickbit

Medical experts know that wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, can collect a person’s health data, including your heart rate and oxygen level, but researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that the devices also can detect signs that indicate when a wearer becomes ill.

‘Hey, Google, save me electricity’

Merkury Innovations’ Geeni Surge surge protector is touted as being the first smart surge-protecting power strip that’s compatible with Google Assistant, so you can turn on and off each device that’s plugged into the outlets of the power strip. That seems notable to us.

Pregnancy & privacy

Social media are common places where expectant parents post digital timelines of their pregnancy.

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