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Band on a run: Microsoft introduces versatile fitness tracker

Oct. 31, 2014—What’s unique is that the device can be paired with smartphones that use the Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows Mobile operating systems. Other fitness trackers typically work with at least one but not all of the three operating systems.

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‘Connected car’ on store shelves now

Every year, Specialty Equipment Market Association puts on its SEMA Show, where the latest in automotive specialty products are put on display. Chris Duke, who is the creator and host of the Internet automotive program Motorz TV, attended the event 14 years in a row. When the show convenes again in November 2014, Duke won’t be the least bit surprised to see a plethora of new automotive aftermarket products that include connectivity.

Update: Mobile payments

Apple Pay will take a bite out of the burgeoning mobile-payments market, but another factor likely also will motivate retailers to give you the ability to pay with your smartphone.

Fewer small tablet computers

Tablet computers that have a 7-inch screen will begin to make up less of the selection that’s available to consumers.

Sharp hues, low prices in quantum-dot TVs

China-based TV maker TCL Multimedia unveiled in September 2014 a 4K TV that includes quantum dots, which is an LCD technology that delivers the same picture quality as organic-LED (OLED) TVs do but at one-third of the price.

Apple may lower Beats pricing

Innovation and lower prices are the outcomes that consumers should expect from Apple’s purchase of headphone maker Beats by Dr. Dre, two industry officials predict.

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Electronics Recalls

Milestone recalls TV wall mount because it might detach

Oct. 22, 2014—Milestone AV Technologies recalled Sanus Simplicity’s wall mount for flat-screen TVs, because the nut that secures the main arm assembly can loosen, which would cause the TV to become detached from the arm assembly and pose an impact hazard.

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