Electronics News

Apple updates software, expands functionality

June 13, 2016—Apple announced updates to all of its operating systems, all of which will be available for free in fall 2016 to consumers who use Apple devices. However, it announced no major changes.

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Related Department Briefs

Smartphone physical interaction

Smartphones that allow you to feel what’s on the other side of the screen is what technology-startup Tanvas has in mind.

First unplugged external hard drive

According to the manufacturer, the Seagate Innov 8 is the first external hard drive that doesn’t require it to plug into an electrical outlet.

Expert: New lamp combats screen fatigue

According to The Vision Council, “digital eyestrain is the physical eye discomfort felt by many individuals after 2 or more hours in front of a digital screen,” more realistically, multiple devices.

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Electronics Recalls

Apple cites shock hazard in wall-plug adapters

Feb. 18, 2016—Apple recalled its travel adapter kits and plugs, because the two-prong wall-plug adapters can break and expose the metal portion of the adapter, which poses an electrical shock hazard.

Microsoft cites fire and shock hazards in AC power cord

Feb. 2, 2016—Microsoft recalled AC power cords that were sold with Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablet computers, because the power cords can overheat, which poses a fire and shock hazard to consumers. The recalled power cords don’t have a 1/8-inch power sleeve on the end that connects to the power supply.

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