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New MacBook Pro has touch technology

Oct. 28, 2016—A touch screen finally came to Apple’s computing line, but it wasn’t in a way that consumers would expect. Apple announced the first updates to its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers in at least 2 years, and the biggest development was the addition of a touch screen … on the keyboard.

Nintendo unveils video-game system

Oct. 20, 2016—Ever since Nintendo teased its new video-game system in 2015, experts debated whether it would be a console or a portable system. It turns out that it’s both.

Amazon now streaming music

Oct. 12, 2016—Amazon’s push into media on demand continues with the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Echo reverberates

Many products will integrate the voice technology that’s in Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, says Jessica Ekholm of market-research company Gartner.

Virtual Reality for PTSD

Albert “Skip” Rizzo, who is the director of medical virtual reality for Institute for Creative Technologies, says headway is being made in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) via virtual reality (VR).

Observations of a handheld observatory

For those of us who enjoy planetariums, we get a sky-high feeling from the ability to gaze around the universe that’s projected onto the ceiling of the facilities’ dome.

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