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LG pioneers 4K OLED TVs into mainstream

Aug. 25, 2014—LG Electronics today introduced the first organic LED (OLED) TVs that have 4K resolution, although it’s unclear when these models will make it to U.S. showrooms or websites.

TiVo launches over-the-air DVR

Aug. 25, 2014—TiVo today revealed a limited-edition digital video recorder that can record shows for consumers who don’t have cable or satellite TV service.

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New material means better speakers

A development in speaker materials will lead to clearer sound and less distortion, acoustics experts say, although they can’t state with certainty that the average listener will hear a difference.

Headphone growth to continue

Shelves at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other stores are packed with headphones. The increase in selection is a good thing for consumers, industry sources say.

Don’t fall for gift-card scams

In February 2014, Federal Trade Commission fined scammers who falsely promised free gift cards to consumers and sold consumer information. Unfortunately, these scams aren’t going away.

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