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Samsung aims at Apple with new tablets

Aug. 26, 2015—Samsung is taking orders for its new line of tablet computers and taking aim at Apple. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be available for delivery and in stores Sept. 3, 2015.

AT&T introduces DirecTV bundle

Aug. 3, 2015—That didn’t take long. Less than 2 weeks after federal regulators signed off on the merger of AT&T and DirecTV, AT&T will offer service bundles that include the satellite-TV service.

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Related Department Briefs

‘Bureau of Defaulters’ doesn’t exist

Federal Trade Commission alerted consumers in March 2015 to a scam about an email that purports to derive from “Bureau of Defaulters Agency-FTC.” FTC alerts consumers that no such group exists, plus, FTC doesn’t send such emails to consumers.

Medical-alert system first to include health data

The Daily Companion personal emergency response system, or PERS, provides first responders with the ability to access a senior’s health data instantly by using the encrypted Quick Response (QR) scanner system.

Are carbon-fiber earbuds better?

If you’re in the market to purchase earbud headphones, you should know that three experts tell us that carbon-fiber earbuds don’t necessarily produce better sound.

Windows Hello: An eye opener

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system soon will include the Windows Hello biometric-authentication technology.

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Electronics Recalls

Goal Zero cites fire hazard in battery-pack recall

Dec. 2, 2014—Goal Zero recalled its Sherpa 50 and Sherpa 120 rechargeable battery packs, because the product can overcharge, overheat, bulge and melt the battery pack’s enclosure, which poses a fire hazard and risk of property damage.

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