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Experts: FCC net neutrality proposal would hurt consumers

May 3, 2017—When Federal Communications Commission released a proposal to rescind rules that ensure net neutrality, it did so under the guise of “restoring internet freedom.” In fact, it would do the opposite, three experts tell Consumers Digest.

ISP privacy rules repealed

April 4, 2017—Rules that were aimed at protecting the online privacy of consumers hadn’t taken effect yet. Now they won’t.

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Pregnancy & privacy

Social media are common places where expectant parents post digital timelines of their pregnancy.

Hey, FTC: Don’t forget about privacy

In February 2017, five of the nation’s leading consumer-advocacy groups sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen and FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny to outline what the groups say are 10 steps that FTC should take to protect consumer privacy and promote innovation and competition.

Tuning in older generations to tech

Senior citizens’ disinterest in technology, which often is prompted by their apprehension about it, prevents them from benefiting from advanced devices and services.

Eyes on the road

When a search of the internet uncovers numerous reviews of a new product category, it’s a good indication that the category has advanced from its niche beginnings to where several manufacturers have joined the game.

Is your vehicle cybersafe?

In February 2015, several experts told Consumers Digest that they weren’t thrilled with automakers’ level of dedication to secure the wireless technology that's in vehicles.

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Electronics Recalls

Nook Tablet 7” power adapter poses shock hazard

Feb. 2, 2017—Barnes & Noble recalled power adapters that were sold with the Nook tablet 7”, because the power-adapter casing might break when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet and expose its metal prongs, which poses a shock hazard.

Toshiba expands recall of certain notebook computer battery packs that pose burn and fire hazards

Jan. 5, 2017—Toshiba expanded its previous recall of Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs in March 30, 2016, to include battery packs that were sold from June 2011 through November 2016. The battery packs were installed in 41 models of Toshiba Satellite notebooks that include the 39 models of Portege, Satellite and Tecra models that were involved in the March 2016 recall. The affected battery packs can overheat, which poses burn and fire hazards.

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