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Mattel reintroduces ThingMaker as a 3-D printer

Feb. 16, 2016—When we took a look at the emerging consumer market for 3-D printers, we came away unimpressed with the devices as a useful household tool for a variety of reasons, including price.

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Effect of Dad’s Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels in would-be fathers can affect the genetic material that they pass along to their children, according to preliminary research that was described in a article.

Ford says, OK, cranky baby: Let’s go for a ‘ride’

It’s dangerous for an infant to fall asleep in a car seat unattended, because, until his/her neck is strong enough to hold up his/her head, a risk of injury exists from the head flopping forward and causing the airway to be blocked. 

Pregnancy & privacy

Social media are common places where expectant parents post digital timelines of their pregnancy.

Buying stocks for kids

A gift of stock to children can provide good lessons as well as profits—particularly if the stock is a company that children know and like, two experts tell Consumers Digest.

Student debt also for elders

Over the past decade, the number of U.S. consumers who are age 60 and older and have student-loan debt quadrupled—primarily because they financed their children’s and grandchildren’s education, according to a January 2017 report from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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