Family News

Mattel reintroduces ThingMaker as a 3-D printer

Feb. 16, 2016—When we took a look at the emerging consumer market for 3-D printers, we came away unimpressed with the devices as a useful household tool for a variety of reasons, including price.

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Related Department Briefs

State-operated retirement plans

Department of Labor (DOL) finalized rules that make it easier for more consumers to save for retirement through state-operated retirement-savings programs.

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Family Recalls

Certain Britax B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers pose fall hazard to infants

Feb. 16, 2017—Britax recalled certain B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers that have Click & Go receivers, because a damaged receiver mount that’s on the affected strollers might cause the seat to disconnect from the stroller and fall unexpectedly, which poses a fall hazard to an infant in the car seat.

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