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DOE proposes changes to furnace standards

Sept. 6, 2016—Department of Energy (DOE) finally proposed a new minimum-efficiency standard for gas furnaces, its first since 1992, and our prediction about the shape of the standard proved to be on the mark.

Brita unveils smart water filter

Feb. 29, 2016—It appears that no limit exists for the types of products that can become “smart.” Now, you can buy a smart water filter.

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From the catwalk to the kitchen

Mixes of materials and the use of layers dress up fashions that might make it to your closet. The two trends might make it to your kitchen, too.

Insurance: To bundle or not to bundle

Bundling your insurance, or buying, say, automobile insurance and homeowners insurance from the same insurer, typically helps you to save money on premiums.

Self-cleaning toilet

At $695, the ActiClean self-cleaning toilet from American Standard is priced right in the middle of midrange and premium models that we identified as Best Buy recommendations.

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