• Manufacturers show off ever slimmer TVs

    Jan. 4, 2017—TVs continue to be the focus of the International Consumer Electronics Show, and thin definitely is in.

  • New MacBook Pro has touch technology

    Oct. 28, 2016—A touch screen finally came to Apple’s computing line, but it wasn’t in a way that consumers would expect. Apple announced the first updates to its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers in at least 2 years, and the biggest development was the addition of a touch screen … on the keyboard.

  • FCC approves privacy rules for internet service providers

    Oct. 27, 2016—Consumers will have more say about what information that internet service providers (ISPs) can access and share with others.

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Lawn & Garden

  • New Briggs & Stratton engine never requires an oil change

    Feb. 27, 2015—The company says its EXi Series lawnmower engine has improved air cleaner seals and operates at cooler temperatures than previous engines do. As a result, it never has to have its oil changed as long as consumers add oil as necessary.

  • Toro slaps a steering wheel on new ZTR lawnmowers

    Oct. 27, 2014—Toro says the TimeCutter SW Series will be available in January 2015 and the price range will be $2,999–$4,500. The ZTRs are Toro’s first that use a steering wheel rather than handlebars to turn on a dime.

  • Troy-Bilt says Jet leafblower delivers top airflow

    Aug. 18, 2014—The gasoline-powered Jet ($140) pushes air at 650 cubic feet per minute (cfm); none of the Consumers Digest Best Buy selections for leafblowers have an airflow rating that’s higher than 494 cfm.

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  • CFPB hits at credit bureaus over misleading scores

    Jan. 5, 2017—We’ve been aware that credit scores that you might find online aren’t necessarily the same as the ones that lenders use to gauge your creditworthiness when you apply for a loan. Now, two of the three primary credit bureaus are on the hook for saying that they were.

  • Consumers to collect after robocall settlement

    Dec. 19, 2016—If your activities were interrupted by an unwanted robocall, it might be payback time.

  • DeVry to pay students, forgive debt

    Dec. 15, 2016—DeVry University settled charges that it misled prospective students about their potential employment and income levels to the tune of $100 million.

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