2014 Honda Odyssey will have built-in vacuum cleaner

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Honda Motor

Honda Motor says the next version of its Odyssey minivan will have a built-in vacuum cleaner.

The first-of-its-kind HondaVAC will be available on the Touring Elite trim level of the 2014 Odyssey and is part of a modest reboot for the minivan that was showcased March 27, 2013, at the New York International Auto Show. Honda says it worked with wet/dry-vacuum-cleaner manufacturer Shop-Vac to create the feature. The HondaVAC includes nozzle accessories as well as replacement canister bags and is stored in the vehicle’s rear cargo area.

The vacuum cleaner works continuously while the vehicle’s engine is running and can operate for 8 minutes when the vehicle is turned off. Honda didn’t provide details about the vacuum cleaner’s suction power, and Honda didn’t respond to our requests for more information.

Although the 2014 Odyssey has no significant design or engine changes, it will have a keyless-entry feature and the HondaLink system, which allows users to stream music and access online content via cloud-computing technology.

Honda didn’t announce vehicle availability or prices.