2015 Sonata debuts without phone-control programs

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Hyundai Motor’s redesigned Sonata initially will be sold without Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto phone-control software installed, a spokesperson says, but Hyundai plans to permit buyers to have the programs added at the dealership once the software is available for installation.

Michael O’Brien, who is Hyundai’s vice president of product planning and corporate planning, told Consumers Digest and other members of Midwest Automotive Media Association that the software will be available at some point during the 2015 model year, but not in the 2015 Sonata models that just rolled into dealerships. Although O’Brien said Hyundai intended to allow buyers to return to the dealership after purchase to have CarPlay and Android Auto added, he said the company hasn’t decided whether it will charge for the programs.

CarPlay and Android Auto display your smartphone’s functions and mobile applications on a vehicle’s console screen so you can keep your eyes on the road to operate phone functions and apps while you drive.

– S. Weishampel