Aftermarket CarPlay devices coming soon from Pioneer and Alpine

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Two manufacturers are in a dash to add the first aftermarket multimedia systems that are compatible with Apple’s CarPlay.

Pioneer Electronics today announced that it will introduce firmware updates for five of its existing multimedia systems that will make the systems compatible with CarPlay. Pioneer says the updates will be available in early summer 2014 but gave no date.

Meanwhile, business newsweekly Nikkei Asian Review reports that Alpine Electronics in fall 2014 will start to sell a multimedia system that supports CarPlay.

CarPlay, which allows drivers to operate an Apple iPhone via voice commands, was introduced in March 2014. However, CarPlay is available as a feature only in new vehicles.

Pioneer and Alpine would allow you to use CarPlay in your existing vehicle.

Pioneer says the CarPlay firmware update would be available for five 2014 NEX multimedia systems, which range from $700 to $1,400.

Nikkei reports that Alpine’s device will cost $500–$700.