Amazon cancels unlimited cloud storage

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Amazon doesn’t want consumers to store anything and everything online anymore.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, Amazon ended its unlimited cloud-storage plan as of today. New customers are able to buy 100GB of storage on Amazon Drive for $11.99 per year or 1TB of storage for $60 per year. Additional storage of up to 30TB is available for $60 per terabyte per year. (Amazon Prime members will continue to get unlimited image storage only.)

When Amazon began its Amazon Drive service 2 years ago, consumers received unlimited image storage for $11.99 per year and unlimited anything storage for $60 per year.

Existing customers are able to continue with their unlimited service until their plan renews, Tech Crunch says. At that point, customers who have auto-renewal turned on will be renewed in the 1TB plan, if they have less than 1TB of data stored. Otherwise, they’ll have to opt manually for a new storage plan.

Tech Crunch says anyone whose storage total is over the free amount of 5GB will have 180 days to either sign up for a new plan or delete files until the amount is below 5GB. After that, Amazon will delete any stored files until the storage level falls below the 5GB limit.

Meanwhile, Amazon announced that it’s offering a reduced price on its Prime service for consumers who receive government assistance. Amazon says Prime will cost $5.99 per month, instead of the typical $10.99 per month, for consumers who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

Those consumers will have access to all of the typical Amazon Prime services, which include video streaming and free 2-day shipping. However, qualified consumers can sign up only four times at the lower rate, and Amazon won’t offer a lower annual rate, as it does typically ($99 per year).