Amusement-park injuries for children reach 4,400 per year

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A new study says 4,400 children are injured each year on amusement-park rides.

The report by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital says 20 children per day are treated in U.S. emergency rooms during the summer for amusement-park-ride injuries.

Fifty-two percent of the injuries are in the arms or the head and neck region. Serious injuries are rare and few require hospitalization. For example, broken bones account for 10 percent of all injuries.

The report tracks injuries that happen on rides that are at large amusement parks, fairs and festivals, as well as shopping malls and arcades. However, waterpark rides weren’t part of the study.

The results indicate that the federal government and the amusement-park industry must do more to prevent injuries, says Gary Smith, who wrote the study. Smith is the director of Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

A Consumers Digest report on waterpark safety also calls for increased safety regulations. An estimated 5,200 people are injured at waterparks each year, according to the most recent statistics that are compiled by Consumer Product Safety Commission.