Automakers eye electric vehicles that can be charged in 20 minutes

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Electric vehicles that can be charged in just 20 minutes will arrive sometime in 2013, automakers tell Consumers Digest. The vehicles will use a new charging system that’s dramatically faster than the systems that first-generation electric vehicles use that require a charging time of 4–8 hours.

The fast-charging electric vehicles will connect to a direct-current (DC) circuit rather than the alternating-current (AC) technology that’s used on electric vehicles that are on the market, says Dave Buchko of BMW, which is among the eight automakers that collaborated to create the new system. The other automakers are Audi, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford Motor, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen, Buchko says.

The fast-charging system is scheduled to be demonstrated in Los Angeles at the 4-day Electric Vehicle Symposium, which starts May 6. However, it’s unclear when in 2013 the first DC-compatible electric car will arrive or how much such a vehicle will cost.

– K. Fanuko