New service lets Amazon couriers into your home

Oct. 25, 2017—If you’re concerned that “porch pirates” will steal delivered packages from your doorstep, has a solution—let its couriers enter your home to deliver the packages while you’re away.

Sonos speaker to have multiple digital assistants

Oct. 5, 2017—Lost in the introduction of an array of Google products that rely on the Google Assistant digital assistant, Sonos announced a smart speaker that eventually will give you access to multiple digital assistants.

Apple unveils iPhone’s ‘future’

Sept. 12, 2017—Apple’s annual September product unveiling went as expected by technology forecasters almost to the letter. If anything, the surprise was at how many models of iPhone will be available for the holiday season.

Nintendo announces retro console sequel

June 27, 2017—Buoyed by the success of the NES Classic Edition in 2016, Nintendo will do it again in 2017—this time using its Super NES video-game console.

Virgin Mobile goes iPhone exclusive

June 21, 2017—If you’re interested in an Apple smartphone, then Virgin Mobile USA has a deal for you. Google Android users need not apply.

Apple announces home speaker

June 5, 2017—As had been rumored, Apple announced its entry into the voice-activated home speaker market at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Experts: FCC net neutrality proposal would hurt consumers

May 3, 2017—When Federal Communications Commission released a proposal to rescind rules that ensure net neutrality, it did so under the guise of “restoring internet freedom.” In fact, it would do the opposite, three experts tell Consumers Digest.

ISP privacy rules repealed

April 4, 2017—Rules that were aimed at protecting the online privacy of consumers hadn’t taken effect yet. Now they won’t.

Nintendo ready to flip the Switch

Jan. 13, 2017—In October 2016, Nintendo announced that its long-anticipated new game system would be called the Nintendo Switch but said little else. Now, we know the rest of the story.

New MacBook Pro has touch technology

Oct. 28, 2016—A touch screen finally came to Apple’s computing line, but it wasn’t in a way that consumers would expect. Apple announced the first updates to its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers in at least 2 years, and the biggest development was the addition of a touch screen … on the keyboard.

Nintendo unveils video-game system

Oct. 20, 2016—Ever since Nintendo teased its new video-game system in 2015, experts debated whether it would be a console or a portable system. It turns out that it’s both.