CES Live: Samsung creates bendable 4K TV

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Consumer Electronics Show—Technology journalists expected Samsung Electronics to unveil its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S 5, today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Instead, they were treated to a meltdown from film director Michael Bay, who flubbed his lines and darted off stage when his teleprompter failed to work 15 minutes into the event.

Bay’s drama was the highlight of a Samsung news conference that was short on big announcements. Industry analysts with whom we spoke now expect Samsung to introduce the Galaxy S 5 in February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Samsung’s biggest news today was the debut of its 85-inch “bendable” ultrahigh-definition, or 4K, TV prototype. A push of a button moves forward the edges of the flat-panel TV, transforming it into a curved model. Samsung believes that the curves create a more immersive, theaterlike experience. We agree that it does, but such a unit will cost at least $15,000.

Samsung also introduced a 105-inch version of its curved 4K TV. The new model will join existing 55-, 65- and 78-inch versions in spring 2014. No pricing information was announced.

– K. Keeker