CES Live: Sharp goes big and small

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Jan. 9, 2012, Consumer Electronics Show—Sharp devoted a decent share of its 2012 Consumer Electronics Show news conference to highlighting its HDTV models in the 60- to 80-inch range. The company also unveiled a prototype 85-inch HDTV that it says will boast an industry-first 8K “superhigh-vision” viewing capability. Resolution of 8K has 16 times as many pixels as 1080p has.

Sharp also exhibited its focus on the small for the U.S. market: portable HDTVs that come in 20-, 32-, 40- and 60-inch models. The Aquos FreeStyle TV, which made its debut last year in Japan, is easy to move (the 20-inch version weighs about 5 pounds and actually has a handle) and can be positioned anywhere that a power outlet is available, which makes it easy to move from the living room to an outdoor patio. The portable TVs pick up HD streams via Wi-Fi. The 20-inch model is battery-powered, which allows the TV to remain on while it’s being moved.

– P. Snyder