Dyson unveils new, quieter version of bladeless fan

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The second generation of Dyson’s bladeless fans reduces noise by at least 60 percent compared with the original models that were introduced in 2009, the manufacturer says.

Dyson introduced the Cool fans on March 6, 2014. The company tells Consumers Digest that the 10- and 12-inch AM07 models have a noise output of 56 decibels (db), whereas the previous models produced 64 db, which represents a decrease of 60 percent.

The noise output on AM06 models is 75 percent less than previous models, Dyson says, but it didn’t provide numbers to support the claim.

Engineer Sarinne Fox, who is the founder of independent hearing-information website Noise Help, says the math adds up on Dyson’s claims for the AM07 models, so we have little reason to doubt the claims about the AM06 noise output.

Dyson reduced noise output on the new models by reducing turbulence in the airflow paths, which gives air a more efficient route through the machine, the manufacturer says. A cavity that’s in the base of the fan is designed to capture and dissipate motor noise, and the motor is calibrated to run more slowly without affecting the cooling performance of the fan, Dyson says. It says its new fans use up to 40 percent less power but maintain the same airflow as the previous models did.

The company says the previous models had a noise output that’s equivalent to a mosquito that flaps its wings. However, Dyson engineer Sean Hopkins tells Consumers Digest that no way exists for the company to compare the noise output of the new fans to an equivalent sound.

The new models have remote controls that have 10 airflow settings and a sleep timer that can be set at up to 9 hours. The AM06 ($300), the AM07 ($400) and the AM08 ($450) are available at BestBuy.com and at Dyson.com.

– K. Carlson