Dyson’s attachment puts new spin on pet-hair cleanup

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Dyson’s latest vacuum-cleaner brush attachment takes pet-hair cleanup in a new direction—literally.

Instead of a traditional horizontal roller bar, the manufacturer’s Tangle-free Turbine attachment, which arrived in stores Oct. 1, 2012, uses flexible dual brush heads that counter-rotate.

The new design allows the attachment to form a ball out of the collected pet hair, and to have the clump sucked into the vacuum cleaner, says Valerie Silvis, who is a spokesperson at Dyson. As a result, the design reduces the likelihood that hair will tangle up the attachment, she says.


The Tangle-free Turbine tool costs $70. It will fit on all Dyson vacuum cleaners except Dyson’s line of cordless vacuum cleaners and the DC24 vacuum cleaner. The Tangle-free Turbine tool is a standard attachment on the new DC41 Animal Complete vacuum cleaner ($650).