For $400, KitchenAid toaster automatically lowers bread into slots

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KitchenAid introduced the first toaster that lowers bread into slots automatically.

The ProLine toaster takes the concept of a built-in motor that lifts and lowers toast a step further. You don’t need levers or buttons to toast; all that you do is drop bread into a slot, and a sensor tells the toaster to lower the bread and turn on the heat.

The ProLine also has a feature that will keep toast warm for up to 3 minutes.

But such convenience features come with an amazingly high price. The two-slice version is $400; a four-slice version is $500. We haven’t seen more expensive toasters by any other manufacturer.

To see how the ProLine’s prices and features compare with those of other models, check out “Upper Crust: Today’s Hottest Toasters & Toaster Ovens,” in the September/October 2011 issue of Consumers Digest.