General Motors and LG expand partnership to create more electric car innovations

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General Motors is expanding on a continuing collaboration with electronics giant LG that will enable each company to create developments in electric vehicles that provide automobile consumers more alternatives to gasoline-fueled vehicles.

LG has supplied batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, and now LG engineers will work with their GM counterparts on future models’ designs and technological advancements.

Although details about the expanded partnership are in development, Arthur Wheaton, who is director of Cornell University’s Labor and Environmental Program, expects the collaboration will be an important facet of GM’s ability to make significant strides in the electric-car arena.

Wheaton believes that GM’s opportunity to tap into LG’s vast technological resources will allow the automaker to develop an arsenal of alternative energy technologies and onboard systems.

Neither GM nor LG offered an exact timeline for when consumers could see the fruits of the partnership. Wheaton says that GM is testing variants of its Chevrolet Cruze model, including electric versions.

The more extensive partnership will enable GM to bring electric innovations to additional models, Wheaton says. “The stronger their partnership, the stronger the capabilities that they could have in the future,” he says.

– K. Fanuko