Google unveils updated Nest

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It’s easy to see the changes that Google made to the third-generation Nest smart thermostat.

For one thing, the new Nest, which now is on sale for $249, is bigger—a diameter of 3.3 inches compared with the previous 2.8 inches. Google says the display also is sharper than it was before.

For another thing, the Nest has a new feature that’s called Farsight. When you walk into a room, Farsight lights up the thermostat, so you can see the temperature that you set or the time. Google says you now can see the information from across the room.

New features that you can’t see are more sensors, which Google says makes the Nest more accurate. It also will send an alert when the thermostat senses problems with either your heating or cooling system. (Google says this feature will be available later in 2015 for owners of first- or second-generation Nest thermostats through a software update.)

Google also lowered the price of second-generation Nest thermostats to $199 while supplies last.