iPod continues fade into oblivion

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The iPod Nano

The iPod Nano

And then there was one.

According to reports, Apple discontinued two models from its iconic personal media player (PMP) line, leaving just one model remaining. The two discontinued models are the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle, which have been in Apple’s lineup since 2005. (The iPod Classic, which mimicked the design of the original iPod, was discontinued in 2014.)

That leaves the iPod Touch as Apple’s sole PMP, and Apple made some changes there, too, the reports say. Apple discontinued the 16GB and 64GB models and lowered the price of the 32GB and 128GB versions to $199 and $299, respectively, from $249 and $399, respectively.

In our most recent review of PMPs, the iPod Nano received a Consumers Digest Best Buy recommendation among premium PMPs.