Mazda5 to end production with 2015 model year

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While it disclosed the pricing and updates for its 2016 U.S. lineup, Mazda Motor also announced that its Mazda5 minivan didn’t make the cut.

Mazda says it has no plans to bring a replacement model to the United States.

Meanwhile, the automaker announced the following:

  • Prices for the Mazda3 compact would start at $17,845. The Mazda3i SV and Mazda3s Touring four- and five-door models that have six-speed manual transmission would be discontinued.
  • Prices for the Mazda6 family car would start at $21,495.
  • Prices for the MX-5 Miata sporty car would start at $24,915.
  • Prices for the new CX-3 subcompact crossover SUV would start at $19,960.
  • Prices for the CX-5 compact SUV would start at $21,795.