MyPillow to end health-related claims

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The makers of MyPillow bedding might be resting a little less easy after reaching a settlement with California over claims that the company violated false-advertising laws.

MyPillow must withdraw all marketing that pertains to health benefits that are claimed for the company’s pillows unless the claim is backed by at least one clinical study. MyPillow reportedly had claimed that its products could help to treat fibromyalgia, insomnia and sleep apnea, among other conditions.

In addition, MyPillow must remove by Jan. 31, 2017, any reference that it’s recognized as an official product of any sleep-related organization. As of press time, MyPillow claimed to be the official pillow of National Sleep Foundation.

The company was fined $995,000 and must pay an additional $100,000 to California homeless and domestic-violence shelters.