New Briggs & Stratton engine never requires an oil change

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Briggs & Stratton unveiled a lawnmower engine that, with proper maintenance, doesn’t require an oil change.

The company says its EXi Series lawnmower engine has improved air cleaner seals and operates at cooler temperatures than previous engines do. As a result, it never has to have its oil changed as long as consumers add oil as necessary. Briggs & Stratton says changing the oil in small engines typically is recommended every 50 hours of operation.

Lawn-and-garden industry expert Chuck Bowen tells us that the development is interesting, but its effect is minimal. Changing the oil is a small chore that people might do only once per year anyway, he says.

EXi Series engines are available on a variety of lawnmowers, including those that carry the Craftsman, Husqvarna or Toro brand. The lawnmowers retail for $250–$400, according to Briggs & Stratton.