New wireless headphones stream online music

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New wireless headphones from manufacturer Koss are the first models that we found that allow you to stream music directly from the headphones wherever Wi-Fi exists.

The Striva Pro over-the-ear headphones ($450) and the Striva Tap in-ear headphones ($500) have a built-in microprocessor that connects to a server that delivers free Koss online music service. This means that you don’t need a device such as a smartphone or a personal media player (PMP) to access the music.

The headphones also come with a wireless transmitter that allows you to listen to online music stations for which you have an account, such as Pandora or Spotify. That transmitter plugs into your computer, PMP or smartphone.

You select songs and adjust the volume on the Striva headphones by swiping or tapping a finger on the headset controls.

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