Samsung front-loading washer lets you add laundry midcycle

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Samsung isn’t just about introducing snazzy smartphones, like most other companies at the IFA Consumer Electronics trade fair in Berlin. Sometimes, it’s a snazzy new washing machine.

The South Korean manufacturer used the electronics show to unveil the WW8500 AddWash, which is a front-loading washer that apparently lives up to its name—it allows you to add clothes to a load midcycle. Samsung’s washer accomplishes this through an extra door that’s located on the upper part of the main door.

Typically with front-loading washers, you have to stop the cycle and let the water level decrease enough to open the door. With the WW8500 AddWash, after tapping a pause button, the second door opens wide enough for you to add an item, such as a sweater, a pair of jeans or even fabric softener.

A child lock prevents children from opening the second door, Samsung says.

Samsung didn’t announce pricing or availability.